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april 2016 a month in 30 pictures april a month in 30 pictures april challenge apron aqua aquamarine archeology are around arrives art art deco artist ashcombe ashcombe adventure centre ashcombe country cottages ashcombe horse and dog show 2015 ashcombe horse dog show ashcombe hunt ashcombe scuffle ashcombe summer scuffle ashcombe valley in early summer ashcombe village club ashcombe village hall ashcombe's own national treasure ashcombe124 ashcombe132 ashcombe20160111 ashcombe20160122 ashcombe4 ashcombe61 ashcombe65 ashcombe97 ashmore asr asscher asscher cut diamond astley castle aston martin db4 zagato astronomy atlantic atlantic ocean atlatic august austria auto autumn avc avenue avenue of trees on a foggy morning away axe wielding maniac aya baby back beach backlit backwater backwaters bacon and eggs bad baddie bag baguette baguette cut baguette cut aquamarines baguette cut diamonds rumour baguette cut sapphires baguette diamonds bailful balck and white with selective colour bald 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blue blue marlin blue sky blue topaz bluebell wood bluebells bluebells woods blur board boat boats bodies bokeh bolddog lings bombe bomber bombina variegata bond street station bonfire bonfire night bonnet boogie boom boot booting boots bottle bouquet boxed boxing day boy boy ejecting cartridges from a shotgun boy running down a narrow lit corridor boys bps braving bread hdr break breakfast breitling breitling wingwalker breitling wingwalkers brey hill bride bride in white with dark background bridesmaid bridesmaids bridge bridge of sighs bridges bright brightest brilliant brilliant curt diamond brilliant cut brilliant cut diamond brilliant cut diamonds brilliant cut dimaond briolettes bristol airport britain british rail british rail class 220 voyager brixham sailing trawlers at anchor brixham trawler bromance brompton brooch brunel brunel's bubble bubble machine buddha building buildings bull bullbars bumblebee bunch bunny ears burgh island burning van on a devon lane burried alive burying buttercups buzzard bw bw154 bw161 bye bye for now c strings on a harp calling cam camel estuary camera cameraphone cameraphones rock camper can can you see your house from here canada geese canal canary wharf cannonadale cannondale canon 40d canon 5d canon 5d mark 3 canon 5d mk 3 canon 5d mk3 canon ef100400mm f4.55.6l canon eos canopy cap car car park car race carpet of crocus cartridge cartridges cartridges ejecting from a 12 gauge shotgun cartridges ejecting from shotguns castle caterpillar cattle catwalk cellar dweller celtic harp cemetery ceylon ceylon sapphire charging charging bull charity charity ride chase check check my achives for my last version of this scene in 2013 chef at work chef serving breakfast fryup chelsea chelsea bridge chelsea harbour chequer cherokee chess chess piece cheyne walk child child being pushed by dad in a wheelbarrrow childhood children children exploring the rockpools in polzeath children in a swimming pool children peering over a table top in a kitchen children sitting on suitcases childs hand reaching for a real apple in a bowl of wooden ones chimney chimneys chive flower chopper chris christmas christmas day christmas eve christmas tree chudleigh church church spire in a cityscape church5 churchyard in low autumn sun circle citrine city city hall cityscape claas claas combine harvester claas lexion 580 claas lexion combine claasy clarity clarsach harp class combine harvester at sunset class lexion 580 classic cars classic racing car classical claude claw setting clay pigeon clays clear cliff cliffs cloned close call cloud clouds cloudscape club cluster coast coastal cobbler cobbles cockbird cocker spaniel cockpit cocksure cocktail collection cocktail ring cocktail ring rumour cocktail ring. rumour cocktail rings cockwood cohiba cigar smoke cohibating cokin cokin filter cold coldplay colin colony of seagulls colour colour pop colours combine combine harvester combines12 combining combo come comes coming compass compass ring composite condensation conductors congestion congestion charging contrast controls cool core core eduro core enduro corn corner cornish cornish flag cornm cornwall corridor corvette coryton country country folk country lane country road countryside countryside.westcountry countyside coutryside cove39 cow cows crazy crazy 365 crazy people doing things creek crepuscular rays crest croci crocus crocuses crop cropped crops cross cross processed crossing a stream crossprocessing crow crowd crowded crowding cry cubbing117 cubbing133 cubbing41 cubbing51 cubbing68 cubbing75 cubbing85 cubbing99 cucling cumulos cumulous curved cushion cushion cut cushion cut aquamarine cushion cut diamond custom vehicle cut cut diamonds cutting d99e53eec5 dalish warren damn dance dance floor dancefloor dark dark and moody dark and stormy dark clouds darker darker hdr darkmoor dartmeet dartmoor dartmoor pony dartmoor pony grazing dartmouth dartmouth regatta dashboard dat 334 dau 82 dawlish dawlish airshow 2013 dawlish beach dawlish railway dawlish railway damage dawlish warren dawn day 10 day 104 day 105 day 108 day 109 day 119 day 127 day 129 day 13 day 131 day 132 day 134 day 137 day 143 day 145 day 146 day 150 day 154 day 160 day 161 day 162 day 178 day 179 day 184 day 188 day 200 day 202 day 206 day 207 day 208 day 209 day 212 day 214 day 215 day 217 day 219 day 220 day 222 day 223 day 226 day 227 day 230 day 231 day 235 day 236 day 239 day 242 day 243 day 247 day 250 day 254 day 256 day 257 day 258 day 259 day 26 day 260 day 262 day 264 day 267 day 272 day 273 day 274 day 275 day 28365 day 284 day 286 day 29 day 292 day 296 day 304 day 307 day 308 day 309 day 312 day 313 day 316 day 318 day 323 day 326 day 33 day 331 day 334 day 336 day 339 day 340 day 341 day 342 day 343 day 348 day 352 day 357 day 359 day 362 day 364 day 39 day 47 day 48 day 51 day 53 day 57 day 61 day 65 day 68 sdh day 7 day 72 day 73 day 75 day 93 day 96 day11 day14 daylight daymar bay db6 dbe440f23c dead in the air death star decal december decodence deeper deer deere defender denoise derelict design rumour devon devon air ambulance eurocopter devon countryside in winter devon county show devon county show 2016 devon exeter devon lane devon lane in the countryside devon lane with winter tree devon valley and woodlands diamond diamond cluster diamond ring diamond set diamond tapers diamond tennis bracelet diamonds digger digger with lights in the woods at night dinghy dining dining room diptych disco discovery display distance dive dive bomb dji phantom docks dog dog days dog theme for this week dogs dogs and men don't done doric temple double claw setting doubleclaw setting doubledecker dramatic dress drew dri dri and hdr driller drips drive drive by driven driver drivers driving drone photography drop droplets drops ducks in the lane dude dudes due dusk dust dynamic range increased eagle earrings earrings rumour earth easter day easyjet plane eating nyjer seed ebony eden edge edwardian 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of oats field of sunflowers field of wheat field of wheat nearly ripe field sports field147 fields fieldsport fieldsports fight fight club fighter jet fighter plane figure filler fingers fingers on the edge fir trees fire fire13 firefighter fireworks first great western first place fisherman fisheye fisheye lens fisheye lens in woods fishing fishing boats fistral fistral beach fistral1 fistral100 fistral101 fistral102 fistral103 fistral104 fistral105 fistral106 fistral107 fistral108 fistral109 fistral110 fistral111 fistral112 fistral113 fistral114 fistral115 fistral116 fistral117 fistral118 fistral119 fistral120 fistral121 fistral122 fistral123 fistral124 fistral125 fistral126 fistral127 fistral128 fistral129 fistral131 fistral132 fistral133 fistral134 fistral135 fistral136 fistral137 fistral138 fistral139 fistral140 fistral141 fistral142 fistral143 fistral144 fistral145 fistral146 fistral147 fistral148 fistral149 fistral150 fistral151 fistral152 fistral153 fistral154 fistral155 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fistral99 fit camp five five stone fjord flag flare flash fleur de lis fleurdelis flexifoil flipping20 flock flower rumour flowering flowers flyby flyer flying focus fog fog2 foggy folef folef23 footing ford connect van fording forest forestry forests forgotten forked lightning fountain fox fox hounds fp31 fractal frame france freeway freshwater friday 13th part 2 friends fright front2 frost frosty frozen fruit bowl fryup full full english full eternity ring full moon over combine harvester full moon over pink clouds fun funeral g force galanthus galaxy gallardo galloping game game bird gang garden garden bird garnet garnet and 18ct gold necklace gate geeking it up geese gem gerry tobin get gh7 giant child giant snowball girl girl going for a swim girl playing the trumpet girl underwater in a swimming pool girls giving glacier glass gloucestershire gnarly go kart god rays going going bananas going to polls gold gold rumour golden vanity goldfinch gondola gondolas gondolier gone postal good goodnight goodwood revival goodwoood revival gopro 3 black edition gopro hero 3 gorse graduated stones grain grand cherokee granite grass grasslands grave grave digger graves gravestone gravestones graveyard grazing great britain great eastern club greater spotted woodpecker greedy green green barley field green cartridges ejecting from a shotgun green landscape green light and clouds green sapphire green tourmaline greenwich grey grey horse gripped gripping groom ground growing grown groyne gryne guinness gulls gumboots gun gun dog gun ejecting cartridge gundogs guns gurl guy fawks gymkhana had hair haircut hairdresser haldon haldon forest half term hall halloween halls hammer hand harbour hard harley davidsons harpist harvest hatton garden haunted house hawk haytor hdr hdr landscape heading headland heating engineer crawling under a house heaven knows it's miserable now hedge hedge trimming hedges hedgetrimming tractor hedging heels helicopter helicopter rumour helipad heliski heliskiing hell's angels hells angels henry ward here hexagons hg1 hg2 hide high high birds high dynamic range high flying pheasant high key hill hill master hill3 hills history hitchcock's the birds hms belfast holiday on ice home home driver honey bee hoof hope and glory horizon horn horned helmet with pigtails horns horse horse and hounds horse grazing in a field horse racing horse shoe horse taking a corner at a canter horsecam view of the lane horses horses in the sunrise horsing hot hound hounds hounds and master hounds in their kennel houses how hugh was here hungry hunt hunt sept 2012 hunt110 hunt26 hunt31 hunt33 hunt47 hunt50 hunt60 hunt66 hunt69 hunt73 hunt76 hunt80 hunted hunter hunters hunting hunting boot hunting field huntress huntsman huntswoman huts i don't like this chicken soup in my thermos very much i don't think so i have to admit that i actually own all of this kit myself ian ibiza ice ice skaters icy idiens imagination impala in the shallow end incoming inlet insane insect inside a helicopter inspired intercity intercity 125 intercity train at cockwood in devon interested interior into iolite isle isle of dogs it just went off it's it's too quiet italy j boats j class yachts jack jack russell jaguar jaguar e type james james bond jazz apple variety jeep jeep cherokee jeep grand cherokee jeepers jet jet contrail jets jevons jewellery jockey john deere john deere hillmaster jubilee judgement jump jumping in muddy puddles jumps just missed juvenile kart kayakers in mothercombe keep out of my still life keeper keewong kensington kensington gardens kestrel12 kick kill kitchen kite kite surfer kites kiting komatsu 911 forest harvester kubota kunzite labrador labradors lady rider lake lake judd lake wolfgang lake2 lamb lamborghini lamborghini gallardo land land rover land rover defender landmark trust landrover landrover defender stuck in the mud lands landscape landscapem farming lane lanscape larch trees larches last last day of the seaon last of the summer lawn layers lbd lead leader leafy leather leave leaves lee big stopper leg legacy legs lens effect leopard les arcs lets lifeboat light light painting light rays lighting lightning lightning strike at night lights line line up lines lionheart lips listening hounds little boy little boy about to splash a small puddle little boy looking out of bedroom window little girl little girl holding up a four leaf clover little girl without her front milk teeth little haldon livestock living locomotive log logos logs lola chevrolet t70 spyder lomo london london skyline london. ice londonderry lone lone tree long long board long boards long exposure long exposure express train longboard look looking out of astley castle lothario lots of seagulls lots road lots road power station love1 low cloud low pov lucky lurcher lurcher chilling out with headphones lurcher dog lurcher in the sunset lurchers lurchers in the surf lyme bay machine machinery macro madison magnetic grip stick magnetic stick magnolia tree magnolia tree branches magnolia tree flowers magnolias1 mainline make your own luck making malting barley man man and dog mane many march maria marina maritime marquise diamond marriage martime maserati maserati gransport maserati quattroporte massey ferguson master master of hounds master of the hunt matter may meadow meal meet meet103 meet50 meet60 meet82 meets mellow yellow memorials men pumping up a tractor tyre men1 menacing meteors mi5 micro bus mid mid turn midnight might miles milk mind mine mirror mirrors missed missed me sucker mist misty misty landscape with helicopter mix mk2 mod model money money shots monochrome monster moody moon moon on day 27 moor moorlan moorland more morning morning autumnal sky and landscape mothecombe mothecombe31 mothercombe motobike motocross motocross rider motocross rider jumping motocross rider tricks motorbike motorbikes motorcross motorcycle display team motorsport motorway motox mountain road mountains movement moving moving train mud muddied mugshot multiple exposures multiple shots multishot murder music musket musketeers naked national park native bluebells nature naughty nd filter near miss surfers at fistral beach necessity is the mother of procrastination neck necklace necklace rumour needham10 new power generation newquay newquay harbour newquay30 next ngala nick nick scofield night night claas night of passion night sky nightscape nno no boots no hope for me no rats in here no tongues please nobody missed that guy who invented the birdy song nomanslandhdr99 nor norman norman nichols at ashcombe village club skittles norse northern ireland landscape norway not november nuts nürburgring nürburgring style oak oak tree oak trees oats ocean oceanic october october 2013 october challenge october challenge 2014 off piste off road off roader off roader stuck in the mud official offpiste offroad offroader offroading oh yes oil seed rape oilseed rape oilseed rape field in spring oilseed rape field surrounding an oak tree oilseed rape flowers old man old men old school old women gossiping once one for farmer's weekly oompa loompa open open devon countryside oppy shoot oppy35 oppy40 oppy60 oppy61 oppy66 oppy88 oppy9 orange orange sunset organic organic barley ornate orton orton effect ose osr out to sea out2 outdoor activities outdoors outfit outout oval oval amethyst oval diamond oval sapphire over 80 over and under over exposure over processed over1 over2 overhead telegraph wires owl pablo pack paddle pageboy pagoda paintball painting paintings panning panning shot pano panorama panorama1 paramotor parish parish church park party party people party1 passenger train passsenger past pasture pastures pat path path devon patrick paul simon pave pave band pave set pave set diamond pave set diamonds pave setting pave. peace peace pagoda pear pear shaped diamonds pearl pearl necklace pearl necklace rumour pearls pebbles pedestrians peg pemba pendant rumour pendennis cup 2014 pendent rumour people perfect jewellery peridot perseid meteors personality pete pg19 phantom 2 quadcopter pharrier graph pheasant pheasant evading a shotgun pheasant on a gate pheasants phessie photogeekery photographer photomatix photoshoot photoshop photostich photostitch picker picker up pickers pickers up on a shoot pier piering piggy back ride over a stream pink pink sapphire pinks pipes pipwork pirates pistol pitch fork planet plat plate platform platinum platinum rumour play playing a harp please plenty more ploughing plumbing plymouth polaris polariser filter pole star pollinator polzeath polzeath beach pond pony pool pop poppies poppies in the oats poppies8 poppy poppy field vertorama port port isaac port road hunt portrait portrait of two old guys portraits posing for the cameras post processing pot of gold powder powder skiing powder snow powderham castle powderham131 powderham26 power power boat power generation power kite power lines power station pram prayer precious prepare yourself for another endless series of crocus puns presents pressure condensation princess princess cut diamond princess cut diamonds prize promenade prop propeller provident ps26 puker up pulling g pumpkin puppy puppy party purple purple flower purple sapphire pylon quad quad bike in a field of oats at sunset quadbike quadbikes quattroporte quint r44 rabbits race racehorse racing racing cars racing lurchers on the beach radiance raf rails railway railway line rain rain clouds rain drops rain falling rain over dartmoor rainbow raining ralph rayner range rover ranger ranulf rats ray of light rays rays of light rc rcr reaching ready reality red red bulls red f430 red headed girl red ribbon red rosy apple red sky red sky at night red sky in morning shepherd's warning redcoat reel reflection reflection. daymer bay reflections remote rene reprobate rest retouch retrieved retriever retrievers retrieving retro return returned reunion reunion29 reunion90 rhododendron mucronulatum rib ribbon richard2 ride ride on rider riders ridersm hunt ridge riding riding boot ring ring stack ripen ripening ripples riral rise river river foyle river thames rl36 rm rayner rmrayner rnli road road race robinson r44 rock rock pool rocker rockpools rocks rod rolling rolling country romance rood92 rook rook your world roots rorschach test rose gold roses rough sea round bales rowing boat royal air force rubbover setting rubover setting ruby ruin rule of thirds rumour rumour bespoke jewellery rumour jewellery rumour london run runners running running down a field of wheat running of the phessies running road runway rural rvdb47 rw22 rw63 rw69 rw80 saddle safe safety catch sailing sailing boat sailing ship sails samsung galaxy s3 samsung galaxy s5 sand sand dunes sand horizon sandy sansome34 santa santa maria sapphire sapphires sat nav saturday26 save scanned image scarecrow scary scary possessed child image scolfield scooby gang scoot scooter scotland scream screen scrumper scrumping scuderia scuffle sdfh sdh sdh2 sea sea fog sea fog rolling up a devon valley at dusk sea fury sea pinks sea tractor sea wall destroyed seafire seafront seagull seagulls seapicnic seapicnic 2014 seaplane searching for a scent seascape seashore seaside seasider seattle seattle skyline seawall seaweed second breakfast hobbit style see seed drill segesta temple segway select selective selective colour selective colour pop selective colours selfie selfportrait selfportrait in a dark glass and rain sepia september set setting shadow shadows shallow depth of field shallows shane shaped sheep sheeps shield shine shine3 shining shining a light on the galaxy shining through ships shoeing a horse shoes shoot shoot15 shoot18 shoot19 shoot20 shoot21 shoot3 shoot32 shoot37 shoot46 shoot49 shoot51 shoot56 shoot62 shoot69 shoot76 shoot77 shoot84 shoot86 shoot94 shoot97 shooter shooting shooting shoot shooting stars shore shoreline short shot shot bird shotgun shotgun cartridges shotguns shoulders show show15 showers showing shutter delay sicily side side stones sidebyside sides sight silhouette silhouette of a beater on the horizion silhouettes silver simon hadfield single step sinister six skeet skid skiing skill skittles champion sky skyline skyscraper slider sunday sliders sunday sliders sunder slope slow motion slow shutter slow shutter speed slowmotion slowshutter sly smile smithy smoke smoked smokey quartz smokey quartze smoking smoking2 smooth smugoween snake snapseed sniper snow snowdrop snowdrops snowy snowy road through the woods at in the late afternoon solar pv some somersby somerset song bird sooc soon sos south devon sown space space needle space station spade work spain. mountain spaniel spaniels spare sparkle sparkler specialist speed speed boat speedboat speeding spinning around spinning around the universe spinning wheels spinny spire spitfire splash splitty spooky sport sportif sports dog sportscar spotlights spray sprayer spreading spring spring barley spring scene spring scuffle sunday1 springer spaniel springer spaniels springing springtime square emerald cut st mark's square st mary abbots church st mary abbott's st michael and all angels' church st moritz st nectans st nectanus st paul's cathedral stack stacked stadium stairway stand standing star rumour star trails star trails with light pollution star wars starcross starlings stars stars may fall start startrails through the roof space of astley castle station statue stay steal my photos would you steaming steer3 steering stepdown stepdown baguettes steps sticking still stirrup stone stonehenge stones stonesromance stopping storm storm damage stormy straw strawberry blonde street street scene strike strings strips stuart stubble stubble field stubble fields stuck studio subway summer summer hdr summer scuffle summer scuffle saturday off roader summer scuffle sunday sun sun beams sun burst sun rays sunburst sunday sunday1 sunday35 sunday40 sunday7 sunflower sunflower storm sunglasses sunlight sunny sunrise sunscape sunseeker sunset sunset on 21 june summer solstice sunset over a forest in devon sunset over devon landscape sunset over ideford common sunset over pink flowers sunset tree silhouettes sunshine sunshine showers super surd surf surf board surf trip surfer surfer dude surfer on an atlantic wave surfers surfers in the sunset surfing surreal suzuki jeep swamp swan swanning swans swarm swell swimming swing swining around swiss blue topaz switch switzerland swung by the arms synd120161014 synd15 syndicate taking talking tally ho tankers tanzanite tapered baguette diamonds tapered diamonds tapers target tastes of italy team event teignmouth teignmouth beach teignmouth harbour teignmouth pier tent terrier terror thames thames hdr thank goodness i'm not doing a 365 the 100 x group the admiralty the ashcombe scuffle the ashcombe village fête the beast the birds the bolddog lings freestyle motorcycle display team the boy in the bubble the bt tower the cheesegrater the cider barn the city the dark side of the force the dartmoor demon the dawlish air show 2014 the dawlish airshow the gherkin the great game the haldon gold cup the leadenhall building the milkyway the red arrows the road from two bridges on dartmoor the shard the shot of the day the temple of segesta the thames the tower of london the upper reaches of baqueira in the pyrenees the view from inside the grave the walkie talkie there's this three three men and a tractor three ships three stone through a car windscreen thruster thunder tide time time lag tin mine tiverton tiverton parkway tml mountain guide to trancentral toadally tobey today tommy tommy's terrors tonemapped too right top topaz adjust tor torbay torch tordrillo mountains torquay torquay harbour tourmaline tow tower tower block tower bridge tower27 tower28 tower33 towerblocks town toy toy vw combi track tracks tractor tractor and trailer tractor tracks traditional horse show traffic train train geekery trains tramline tramlines trancentral trap trapezoid trapezoid cut diamonds trawlers tree tree cutting treelined ridge trees tricycle trillian trillian cut diamonds trillian diamond trilliant trimmer trinity sailing trinity sailing trust triple triptych trousers true grit trumpet2 tshirt tube train tuesday28 tuesday46 tunnel tunnel of trees tunnel under river thames turquoise tweed twiggs twigs twilight twin squirrel two two bridges two riders and a quadbike on a ridge two row typhoon typhoon jet turning at the dartmouth regatta air display uk umbrella under underground union jack painted face unloaded unloading unloading wheat unravelling up in flames urban urban sprawl urbanisation usa v10 valley vanishing point vapour trail vauxhall bridge vdb vdb28 vdb79 vdb80 vdb9 vehicle veins velsheda venice vermin vertical vertorama very vessels viaduct victoriana victory view from haytor in the snow view from the four seasons view out of a combine harvester over devon countryside viking villa hdr village village olympics vista vixen35 volkswagen voter apathy vulan vw micro bus vw passat wading waiting wake walk walkabout walkers walking walking hime walking in fields of wheat walnut wander want warmer warren washington watch watch the birdy watching watching a kestrel watchtower water water droplets hanging on a stalk of grass water1 waters hdr waterworlds wave wave break wave breaks wave rider wave. surfing waves weather webley25 webley39 webley41 webley48 webley49 webster wedding wedding band rumour wedding car wedding day wedding hairdresser wedding ring weee week 4 weekly weetabix well wellington boots wendy wes west dartmoor panorama westcountry westpoint wet wetsuit whahahaha what wheat wheat field wheel wheel lift wheelbarrow wheelie where wherever whip whips whisky white white dress white racing bike white sapphire whs why go crazy on your own when the public can watch why me wide wide angle wideangle widescreen wild wild geese wilderness wildfire wildlife wilf wilflife wind wind turbines winding road windmills window windows windscreen windshield windy wing wingwalker wingwalker on the top of a biplane wingwalkers winner winter winter flowering rhododendron winterscape wired woman woo wood wooded walls wooden wooden apples woodland woods work worker working world world heritage site wrinkles ww2 x2 xmas31 yacht yachts yamaha grizzly yellow yellow bellied toad yellow field yellow gold yellow labrador yes he was the milkman yes it's the same old view.. get used to it yes we did have a ride on it yg1w you you can't do this with a camera phone i'm afraid young girl on a pony at gymkhana your zanzibar zebras zoom zoom blur zoomblur